The SwingDuke is also a golf fitness machine.  It is equipped with optional weight  plates and resistance features that allow golfers to condition all their golf swing muscles. There are numerous beneficial drills that can be performed to exactly pin point those specific muscles. SwingDuke promotes exercise and motor learning. Your brain and muscles learn to execute the golf stroke in an efficient, consistent, effective and repeatable manner.


The SwingDuke is the only self-actuated golf swing training machine that defines the swing plane for any club, while still allowing freedom for the club to rotate, hinge and extend throughout the entire golf stroke. The SwingDuke is  a 3-way adjustable propeller that connects to any golf club, and forces the correct mechanics required to swing the club around your body on the proper inclined plane. The SwingDuke expedites the learning curve for successfully striking the golf ball because it allows golfers to learn and feel for themselves the mechanics of the golf swing. 


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